By plane
Both the airports of Barcelona (BCN) and Gerona (GRO) are located nearby our house. Travelling time from Barcelona to Santa Susanna is 60 mins. Travelling time from Gerona to Santa Susanna is 40 mins. We prefer Gerona given the smaller scale of the airport (less waiting time and less crowded) and the shorter travelling time.

Car rental (pitfalls)
We have personally very good experiences with car rental at Girona airpot. But we know some people have different experiences. Here are some tips to help avoid the car rental pitfalls.

  • Make a reservation as far ahead as possible!
  • Check in your home country which damages are covered in your travel insurance
  • Make sure you have enough capacity on your credit card to avoid high cash upfront payments for deposit
  • Make sure that the name of the drivers equals the name on the credit card
  • Inspect the car thoroughly and make sure that any damages are marked on the contract. Note the name of the person who spoked to you.

Rental organisations

We often choose for the Spanish car rental company Solmar ( which is located a 5 minute walk from the airport’s arrival gate. We experienced friendly staff, transparent conditions, easy drop-off upon return. Of course there are more options at the airport like Hertz (website) or EuropCar (website).